Formuler IPTV technology is now within reach of all customers with the all new Formuler Z.
The Limited Edition Formuler Z has all the features and technology required to

watch streaming IPTV contents from your favorite contents provider – including MYTVOnline.

Balance, Performance, Reliability, Affordability

Using market feedback from our vendors and users, Formuler has crafted the

ultimate IPTV device that is the perfect balance of Performance, Reliability, and Affordability.

Zero Lag

The pocket sized Formuler Z delivers a powerful punch with its Quad-core CPU that delivers more than enough performance to run the amazing MYTVOnline IPTV middleware client.  Users will experience zero lag while interacting with even the most CPU intensive applications.

Full Connectivity Options

Formuler Z was designed with maximum connectivity options in mind.  The rich assortment of available ports allows users to make full use of the device’s capabilities.  Advanced features like USB3.0 and

microSD memory expansion make Formuler Z virtually futureproof.


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