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Warning about fake Formuler devices

Dear Formuler customers,

Recently, Formuler has been made aware that some Chinese companies are offering counterfeit Formuler "tv boxes with firmware which similar with Formuler's device, include mytvonline, even similar launcher.[sic]" These products are not authorized by Formuler and infringe on Formuler's intellectual property rights.

Formuler reserves all rights to its software including but not limited to MYTVOnline, MYTVOnline 2, MYTVOnline 3, and the Formuler Launcher. MYTVOnline software is exclusively available on Formuler products.

We strongly advise you to avoid purchasing fake products, as they may not work properly, have security flaws, and they may expose you to potential health and safety risks.

Moreover, you may face legal consequences if you engage in trading these illicit products. Selling counterfeit products that contain software that infringes on Formuler's intellectual property is illegal and punishable by civil and criminal courts according to the trademark, copyright, and intellectual property laws and regulations. Formuler will aggressively work with authorities to cease the sales of these infringing products and seek punishment for offenders to the maximum extent granted by governing laws.

If you suspect that you have received a counterfeit Formuler product or encountered an intellectual property infringement, please report the incident to Formuler using the chatbot at our help desk: We will assist you with verifying the product and taking appropriate actions.

Formuler is committed to defending its intellectual property and providing high-quality products and services to our loyal customers. We will take all necessary actions to stop this illegal activity and protect our brand. Thank you for your support and cooperation.



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