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September 2020 MYTVOnline 1 Software Update

Firmware Version : v2.9.2 or v1.3.2

MYTVOnline 1 Version : v2.0.2

Hello Formuler fans,

We are pleased to announce that a new software update has been released for Formuler Z, Nano, Prime, Plus, ZX, Z7+ models.

This new software update is an important milestone as it marks the 4-year anniversary of software updates for MYTVOnline 1 devices. The first software update for MYTVOnline 1 devices was released in August 2016.

Thank you for supporting Formuler as we continue to develop innovative products based on your valueable feedback.

We recommend users install this update to enjoy better features and more stable functionality to your device.

You can download the OTA software updates directly from your device using the built-in update app.


Release Notes:

Applicable models: Formuler Z, Nano, Prime, Plus, ZX, Z7+

Firmware Version : v2.9.2 or v1.3.2(Device dependent)

Install and use at your own risk. Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

Change Log

FIX: Certain apps can't be started from the home screen

FIX: Automatic System Date & Time bug

FIX: Android Settings > Languages & input > Virtual keyboard > RCU d-pad keys not working

MYTVOnline 1 Version : v2.0.2

New Features

ADD: Main Menu > Recordings, Exit menu items

ADD: Main Menu > Settings > EPG All: On/Off. Choose to download the All EPG package or not

Fixes & Improvements

IMP: Press and HOLD PLAY to start Cloud Timeshift. No need to press INFO button

FIX: Problem connecting to HTTPS portal

FIX: Long loading times for VOD and Series sections

FIX: Problem with some m3u and xmltv URLs

FIX: Can't view VOD > All group

FIX: VOD Player > subtitle end-time issue

FIX: Series parsing issue



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