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Introducing Z11 Series BT1 Edition

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the new BT1 edition of Z11 series.

This new series represents Formuler's continuous innovation and leadership in the streaming industry by combining the flagship device with the premium remote controller.

As is widely recognized, Z11 series offers the best streaming experience with resolutions up to 4K 60fps along with a powerful processor and graphic performance. Having 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, the device allows for sufficient capacity to seamlessly handle the latest streaming requirements in smooth 4K.

Similar to Z11 series, the GTV-BT1 remote incorporates the latest technology, offering numerous features and software benefits that create synergy in streaming like nothing else.

GTV-BT1 remote enhances your streaming experience with its wide-range signal transmission via Bluetooth, universal compatibility with most major TV remotes, multiple programmable hotkeys for a personalized user experience, and a voice assistant that streamlines the search for your favorite content.

Formuler Remote application also supports the remote in many ways, offering easy installation via the Google Play Store, customization of hotkeys, programming of infrared codes for TV control, and configuration of volume settings.

The last but not least, MYTVOnline 3 application provides clean and stable streaming of content and features like universal search, user-friendly channel customization, modernized UI, and access to multi-connection.

Formuler's history is a testament to its dedicated focus on the development of streaming technology over the years. In line with our mission, we are committed to exerting maximum effort to deliver the finest streaming experience, one that you can enjoy and share with friends, family, and loved ones

To learn more about the Z11 BT1 series and other Formuler products, please visit

Thank you.

Formuler Staff



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