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2024 Formuler Z mini and Z11 Series Software Update

We're thrilled to announce the release of our latest software updates for the Z11 Series, Z mini, and MYTVOnline 3! These updates bring a host of new features, improvements, and optimizations to enhance your user experience.

The Z11 Series and Z mini now feature a new Modern Launcher, providing you with a sleek interface for improved navigation and customization options. You can easily personalize your home screen by moving favorite apps for quick access and grouping them into rows. The Command Center feature allows you to access frequently used settings with ease, while a dedicated notifications menu keeps you informed about system messages. Explore a selection of new wallpapers in the gallery to refresh your device's look. Plus, we've implemented various bug fixes and performance enhancements to ensure smoother operation.

For MYTVOnline 3, we've introduced several exciting enhancements to improve your user experience. Navigate between providers more easily with the new Provider column and headings in the Group list. Enjoy a seamless viewing experience with the new Subtitle & Audio Synchronizer feature. Portal expiry reminders were also added for extra convenience. Experience improved catch-up playback, search results, and online subtitles menus. Additionally, we've implemented various bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Upgrade now to unlock the full potential of your device and enjoy a more seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Thank you for choosing us for your entertainment needs!

Thank you.

Formuler Staff


Release Notes:

Applicable Models: Formuler Z11 Series & Z mini devices

Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

Z11 Series Firmware Version : 11.3.3 Official

Z mini Firmware Version : 12.1.3 Official

Change Log:

NEW Modern Launcher

- Move your favorite apps from the "Apps" tab to the "Home" tab for quick access

- Group your favorite apps into rows

- "Command Center" provides easy access to frequently used settings

- Added "Notifications" menu for system messages

- Add, remove, uninstall, and move apps directly from the Launcher

- New wallpaper gallery

IMP: Added "Estonian" in system language

Bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements

MYTVOnline 3 Version : 12.1.2 Official

Change Log:

NEW: Added Provider column and headings in Group list

- Easily navigate between providers in the Group list.

NEW: Added Subtitle & Audio synchronizer

NEW: Added more formats in Aspect Ratio menu

NEW: Added "Convert Playlist to Portal" menu in Settings

NEW: Added portal expiry reminder

IMP: Show provider name in VOD and Series Favorites/History

IMP: Optimized UX for Manual content refresh

IMP: Improved Search results for characters with accents

IMP: Improved Onlinesubtitles menus

IMP: Default save location for Recordings changed to usb:\Recordings

IMP: Added Italian and other translation

IMP: Subtitle display size decoupled from video frame size

FIX: Catchup playback issue after Daylight saving time

Bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements


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