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2023 FORMULER Z11 Series June Update

We are thrilled to bring you the latest software update on Z11 series, packed with a range of improvements and features designed to enhance your experience.

This update introduces the Alternate EPG Mode specifically for Stalker users. Granting more program guide data in Grid EPG, you can now access more information on your favorite channels and schedule recordings on a wider range of programs, helping you plan your streaming ahead of time. Simply head to the Portal Edit menu to enable this new mode and enjoy a more streamlined experience.

Recording your favorite content is now even more reliable. We've improved the robustness of the recording feature, minimizing the chances of file corruption and ensuring that you capture your cherished moments without any hiccups.

We understand the importance of a stable HDMI connection, and we've worked diligently to enhance its performance. With this update, you can expect improved HDMI stability, ensuring uninterrupted streaming and a reliable connection to your devices.

Other Enhancements:

Universal Search Display Improvements: We've revamped the Universal Search feature to provide you with a more visually appealing and intuitive search experience. Easily find your desired content across various platforms with enhanced search display capabilities.

Quicker Bluetooth Scanning: Connecting Bluetooth devices has never been easier. We've implemented faster scanning algorithms, allowing you to pair and connect your Bluetooth accessories more efficiently.

We appreciate your continued support and feedback, which plays an instrumental role in shaping our updates. We are committed to continuously improving your user experience and providing you with the best possible service.

You can always visit or contact your distributor for more information about MYTVOnline 3 models, pricing, and availability.

Thank you.

Formuler Staff



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