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July 2019 Formuler Z8 Software Update

Firmware Version: v1.4.22

MYTVOnline 2 Version: v7.2.2

Hello Formuler fans,

We are back with what our fans and supporters would like to hear! Now, new software update for Formuler Z8 and MYTVOnline2 is available.

In this software release, several new aswesome features are added and numbers of fixes and improvements are made. We recommend users download and install this update to bring better features and more stable functionality to their devices.

Download the OTA software updates directly from your device using the built-in software update app.

Release Notes:

New Features

ㆍ[SYSTEM] Backup & Restore user data partition. Access from Android Settings > Storage & Reset

ㆍ[SYSTEM] Added Android TV Remote Service. Supports iOS and Android remote control apps.

ㆍ[SYSTEM] Toggle IPv6 client ON or OFF. Default is OFF

- NordVPN users: Toggle IPv6 client ON from Android Settings

ㆍ[MOL2] USB DVB-T tuner support. Supports USB Timeshift and Recording

ㆍ[MOL2] Cloud timeshift supported. Restart current live event from the beginning.

- Access from Live TV > Info Bar toolbar & Classic List

ㆍ[MOL2] Schedule Manager Menu. Access from Main Menu

ㆍ[MOL2] Manual Timer Recordings. Schedule recordings w/out EPG data.

ㆍ[MOL2] Set recording frequency (daily, weekly, custom)

ㆍ[MOL2] Single EPG supported in XC and m3u portals

Fixes & Improvements

ㆍ[SYSTEM] FIX: Apple Airpods pairing issue (1st gen)

ㆍ[SYSTEM] FIX: Newly unboxed device randomly shuts down

ㆍ[SYSTEM] FIX: TV Keyboard disappears when inputting numbers

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Cannot seek during catchup playback

ㆍ[MOL2] IMP: EPG loading performance

- Fixed empty EPG when recieved xmltv data is malformed

- Missing EPG data automatically populated while in Classic channel list

- EPG data for current channel is requested on channel change

- Added "EPG Loading" icon

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: App crashes when playing certain VOD contents

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: All seasons not listed in Series section

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Stuttering playback when incoming stream is improperly encoded

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: HLS adaptive streaming not working

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: No sound on Radio channels for certain portals

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Portal login issue when password contains certain special characters

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: VOD/LIVE hotkey on small remote

ㆍ[MOL2] IMP: Classic channel list > Display detailed event info

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Live TV > Audio Lip Sync issue after changing audio tracks

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: VOD > New line character not recognized in subtitles

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Single EPG only shows 100 events max

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Wrong video resolution icon shown in Live window

ㆍ[MOL2] IMP: Portal login failure error messages

ㆍ[MOL2] IMP: Added ability to play static VOD contents from Live channel list

ㆍ[MOL2] IMP: Page Up/Down navigation in Grid EPG and Classic channel list

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Cannot select external video player in Series section

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: RCU Sleep button doesn't work during VOD playback

ㆍ[MOL2] IMP: Enable RCU EPG button while in Classic Channel List

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: OSD does not disappear automatically after channel change

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Live channels don't play after pressing CH UP button rapidly in succession

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Cannot playback catchup event immediately previous to current live event

ㆍ[MOL2] IMP: Added confirmation on portal delete

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Vertical scrolling bug in grid EPG

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: No video on certain live streams

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: "EPG Loading" doesn't disappear from OSD

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Channel index issue on XE portals

ㆍ[MOL2] FIX: Stream looping issue

ㆍ[MOL2] IMP: Default V.Format is now 'Original'. Previously was 'Fullscreen stretch'

ㆍVarious bug fixes & optimizations

ㆍFIX: VOD list empty issue

ㆍFIX: Live stream URL not closed when changing portals when Local Timeshift is ON.

ㆍVarious bug fixes and performance improvements.

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