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October 2018 Z-Series Update

Firmware Version:

Z / nano / plus / Prime : v2.8.42 Zx / Z7+ : v1.2.42

MYTVOnline Version : 1.9.52

Applicable Models : All Z-Series devices

After rigorous testing, the October 2018 Z-series software update is now available for download.

We recommend all users download and install this update to bring better features and more stable functionality to their devices. Several critical bugs were patched in this software release.

Thank you again to all the supporters and beta testers for making this release possible.

Download the OTA software updates directly from your device using the built-in Update App.

Release Notes:

Formuler Z-Series Firmware Version 2.8.42 / 1.2.42

  • FIX: Stuck in standby mode

  • FIX: Market > Certain apps not showing in custom markets

  • FIX: Launcher icons not appearing after reboot

  • Added discrete Power ON & Power OFF keycodes (Zx, Z7+)

  • Logitech Harmony device profile updated

  • Custom Android hostname/device name supported.

  • Change from the system menu

  • Market shortcut can be deleted from the homescreen

  • FIX: Installer Mode > SYSPIN issue

  • FIX: Installer Mode > Language preset not working

  • FIX: Installer Mode > Power mode preference issue

  • DRIVER: Add Tenda U12 USB WiFi adapter support (Zx, Z7+)

  • Android Security Patch Level : April 2018

  • General performance enhancements, UI improvements, and bug fixes

  • Improved Lithuanian language translation


MYTVOnline Version 1.9.52

  • Fixed slow performance and crashes due to EPG memory issue

  • Teletext Subtitles supported

  • Manual EPG time offset. Access from the Settings menu

  • Xtream-Codes API portals > TV Series section supported

  • VOD > Continuous play option added. Press the Green hotkey to toggle

  • M3U > All tracks from VOD-only m3u list are parsed and used - regardless of stream file extension

  • M3U > Compressed xmltv EPG archives supported (.gz or .zip)

  • Automatically hide empty groups/categories

  • Added stream codec details. View from the detailed information popup window

  • TV Series Shortcut. Press and hold the VOD button on the remote

  • Remember last selected subtitle preference per channel

  • Improved channel icon caching

  • Improved EPG download performance

  • FIX: EPG description not displayed when using M3U + XMLTV EPG

  • FIX: Black subtitle font when only 1 subtitle track is available

  • FIX: RCU VOD hotkey while in Classic Channel list

  • General performance enhancements, UI improvements, and bug fixes

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