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S-series Software Update

Applicable Models: S Turbo, S Mini

Version 1.5.0

Download the latest S-series update from the Software Download menu.

Change Log

  • NEW Modern Launcher (Main Menu) option. (AndroidTV Leanback-style)

  • Access from Settings > System setting > Launcher style > Modern

  • Reboot required after changing style

  • Added Network connection icons to Launcher

  • RCU hotkey now active.

  • Program hotkey action from new Hotkey app

  • Classic Launcher: Manager > Hotkey

  • Modern Launcher: Home > DVB > Hotkey

  • Added IP Service scan.

  • m3u files can be scanned into the DVB service list

  • m3u can be located online or on a USB

  • USB m3u path: \m3u\<filename>.m3u

  • Support for Widevine Level3 added.

  • Close all background apps more easily

  • Hold MENU key until the task manager appears. Press the RED key to close all apps.

  • Improved HDR performance

  • Added HDR PiP, clearer HDR picture quality

  • Improved timezone selection interface and fixed timezone bugs

  • Direct import of lamedb (E2) channel list format

  • Put the lamedb file on USB and import from the STB data management menu

  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

  • MYTVOnline updated to v1.8.8

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