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May 2017 Z-Series Software Update

Firmware Version: 2.7.50

MYTVOnline Version: 1.5.2

Updated Models: Formuler Z Prime / Formuler Z

Formuler is excited to announce the next software update for Formuler Z-Series devices.

Many optimizations and new features are available with this release.

Reboot your device now to receive the automatic OTA updates.

Full release notes are below:

Formuler IPTV Firmware Version 2.7.50

  • Unified display of Date and Time formats throughout system and MYTVOnline

  • Installer mode: Supports up to 5 separate portals

  • Automated batch USB APK installation supported.

  • Put multiple APKs into a folder named "apks" on USB root and insert into STB.

  • Added Soft Reset function to System menu for Retail and Installer modes.

  • Clear System and MYTVOnline user data while preserving portal URLs.

  • Added ability to change the startup app from the System menu.

MYTVOnline Version 1.5.0

  • Black Screen issue fixed

  • Channel zapping speed improved

  • Fixed VOD subtitle loading issue with certain portals

  • Fixed issue in Catch-up EPG where past events after a certain time could not be displayed

  • Improved performance when setting event reminders

  • Improved performance and display of Grid EPG

  • Fixed crashing issue when loading certain VOD contents

  • Fixed VOD library loading issue with certain portals

  • Fixed VOD stuttering playback issue with certain contents

  • Added ability to change video aspect ratio with the V.Format button on the RCU

  • Added Complain feature when supported by the middleware.

  • Press the RED hotkey to access.

  • Remote reboot and Remote reload portal supported from operator's dashboard.

  • Added external player option for VOD contents

  • Activate from MYTVOnline Settings Menu

  • Improved VOD series navigation.

  • Press UP/DOWN to skip 10 episodes.

  • Simple USB Recording of live TV now supported.

  • Press the REC button on the RCU once to begin recording.

  • Press REC again to show the recording dialog.

  • Press PLAYLIST to see recorded programs

  • General UI improvements

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