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Why it is important to have pets at home? - 2022 Guide

If you want to keep a pet for your emotional and mental well-being you should consider making a request for an ESA. Emotional support animals are recommended by professional therapists to provide emotional benefits. You can keep them with you regardless of “No Pet Policy” in your building. You need an official letter known as an ESA letter signed by your therapist that certifies your mental health disability and allows you to take your ESA wherever you go. The good news is that you can keep your emotional support animal with you without letting anyone know.

Who does not love animals? I am sure there would be no such person. Animals are such a great source of happiness and joy for people. Several studies show the benefits of keeping pets and reveal that animals have such a positive impact on our lives. They become a part of our family. I remember having a dog in my childhood; it was just another member of the family to everyone at home. Pet lovers tend to be more mentally and emotionally healthy as compared to people who do not spend time with animals. Animals provide several health benefits to humans.

Considering the immense emotional and mental benefits of animals, therapists have decided to make them a part of therapy. ESA therapy is one of the most famous therapies that therapists recommend to treat mental health conditions. Emotional support therapy involves an animal as a part of the treatment of a mentally disabled individual to provide them emotional comfort and relief. Emotional support animals are not provided any specific training; they are just like your pets. An ESA animal and especially an emotional support animal letter can be a great source of emotional help for people who suffer from various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, phobias, etc. Animals shower love and affection on their owners to make them feel happy and relaxed. It is scientifically proven that even patting your dog can instantly improve your mood. Emotional support animals act as home healthcare for people who suffer mental health disabilities.

Why it is important to have pets at home

There are several benefits of keeping a pet at home, including emotional and psychological benefits. Here are a few emotional and psychological benefits of having a pet.

Emotional regulation

Keeping a pet can help you stabilize your intense emotions. They help you become calmer and relax by reducing your stress level. Many research studies show that animals have the tendency to help humans become more relaxed when they are around them. Animals keep you indulge in various activities and keep your mind distracted from stress and worries.

Calming your fears

Your pets help you deal with fears and phobias as well. You feel more secure and protected in the presence of your pet. They provide you with a sense of safety and protection when they are around you. Therefore, you should have a pet at home to avoid any sense of fear and to feel protected all the time.

Provides a great company

Pets provide you a great company. If you often feel lonely, you should get a pet to have the company of a furry pal. It helps you become mentally sane and stable. Having a pet also reduces loneliness and sad feelings.

Psychological benefits

Reduce anxiety

Having a pet at home can also help you reduce anxiety by providing emotional relief. Stroking your dog or cat can provide you immense comfort and ease and reduce the feelings of excessive worry and fear.

Reduce depression

If you suffer from depression, keeping a pet would be a great idea because a pet helps reduce depression by improving your mental health significantly.

Produces dopamine and serotonin

It is scientifically proven that animals increase the production of chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals are associated with pleasure, love, and bonding. They help to boost a person’s mood instantly.

You can keep your ESA at your home even if your landlord does not allow pets. Yes, this is true. You just need to have the right documentation, such as an esa letter for housing. You can submit the letter to your landlord as proof that keeping an emotional support animal is mandatory for you because it is a part of your treatment. Your rights are being protected by certain laws such as the Fair Housing Act issued by the US Department of Housing. This law makes sure that the rights of people who are struggling with mental health issues are protected. It also ensures that mentally disabled people should not be discriminated against due to their mental health conditions.

The process of getting an ESA is super easy. You just have to find an authentic website online and get yourself registered by entering your details and mental health symptoms. They will find the most appropriate therapist for you. Your therapist will share an official email with you to start your treatment. You have to take a medical assessment so that therapist can conduct a diagnosis and recommend a treatment based on your mental health condition. If you qualify for ESA ownership, you will be assigned an official emotional support letter by your therapist. The letter will contain information about your treatment and the animal assigned to you to provide emotional support. You can keep an emotional support animal with you at home and anywhere you go, even at “NO Pets Allowed” places.

You should request to get an ESA for yourself ASAP to treat your mental health conditions. You need to stay vigilant from the scams online that sell fake ESA certificates. Remember ESA document can only be issued by a licensed therapist. For more information, do visit visit

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