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Product Overview

Formuler delivers high-quality, cost-effective DVB and IPTV solutions

Maximize and Streamline In-Home Content Consumption with our full range of DVB and IPTV products.

F Series

All F-Series products are carefully engineered with the high-tech specifications required by our demanding user base.  Unleash the full potential of your television viewing experience with the Formuler F-Series of STB products.  The F-Series provides maximum performance and maximum value with features such as Triple Tuner HD PVR, plug-and-play tuner support.  Realize an endless amount of customization and versatility with our Open-platform DVB systems.  With support from the online community, users always have the power to extend and boost the functionality of their STB.

Timeless and Modern Design

Formuler’s design ethos is Simplicity and Minimalism.  At Formuler we strive to create full-featured, compact and efficient set-tops that maximize functionality while keeping in-line with our design philosophy. The timeless and modern design of our F-Series products will compliment any living room or home theatre setup.

More, Faster, Better

All Formuler F-Series products are based on state of the art SoCs from Broadcom.  Our specially tuned hardware platforms allow users to achieve turbocharged performance levels unheard of in competing products at the same price point.  Formuler F-Series software is specially optimized to be easy-to-use with zero-lag interaction.  The open-platform firmware is designed to be extensible in every way imaginable so users can enjoy various plugin apps like Youtube and Internet Radio.

IPTV Series

IPTV by Formuler brings streaming live TV and web-based digital content to the home without the need for an antenna.  Using our specially designed, Android-based IPTV middleware client, operators and installers can seamlessly integrate Formuler IPTV into their existing content delivery infrastructure.

The Power of Streaming


Formuler IPTV is leading the digital content consumption revolution with key innovations in IPTV client-server, middleware integration and implementation.  More and more end users are demanding freedom and flexibility when consuming digital media, and Formuler IPTV is the perfect solution for their internet streaming content needs.

A High-Efficiency Android IPTV Middleware Client Solution


Formuler IPTV is compatible with most IPTV middleware systems.  Service operators will appreciate the level of refinement and performance compared to current model offerings from other brands.  System operators can quickly deploy Formuler IPTV into customer premises without the need to worry about compatibility or support. 

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